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Analytics and Synthesis
  Water and Food Analytics
  Biomonitoring Pharma (Millipore)
  Biomonitoring OEM Diagnostics (Millipore)
  Biomonitoring Food Beverage and other Markets (Merck)
  Biomonitoring Pharma (Merck)
Biopharm Process Solutions
  Biopharm Lab Ser
  Purification (Millipore)
  Systems Hardware
  Single-Use Systems
  Contents & Reagents
  Detection Solutions
  Separation & Preparation
  Cosmetic Actives
  Cosmetic Pigments
Inorganic Reagents
  Inorganic Instrumental Analysis
  Inorganic Basics
Lab Supply
  Water and Food Analytics
Lab Water
Liquid Crystals
  Display, Lighting and Photonics
  Liquid Crystals Materials
PharmChemicals Solutions
  API & Synthesis
  Biopharm Ingredients and CCM
  Controlled Release
  Upstream Supplements
  Pigments for Coating, Printing & Plastic
  Pigments for Printing, Plastic, Security
Merck Chemicals Customer Service Team & Credit Control Team is re-locating to Sunway office on 24th November 2014.     All Merck's categorised Trader customers are advised to submit your latest poison license for Merck's update to smoothen the ordering process. Collection hour at our warehouse will be from 9am-12pm or 2pm - 5pm (except for Friday from 2.30pm-5pm) daily. Weekends and public holidays are excluded.
Mecomm Users Password Required to Change Every 3 Months
Dear Mecomm Users, To accommodate the fast growing cyber-attack and enhance protection to the business , we are hereby deploying the enhancement on user account in Mecomm Malaysia.
Copy of Licence Type A/B/E/Permit to buy & use Psychotropic/Sodium Hydroxide
With reference to the matter above, please be informed that we have yet to receive a copy of your license for year 2017.
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